Our Story

Hi! I'm Laura Elizabeth, a mixed media artist. In 2017, I opened The Amber Locket: Planner Couture when I could not find planner accessories in a style I liked for my creative planners. I set up an Etsy shop, transformed a spare bedroom into a workspace, and the adventure began. I started making many different types of pretty accessories and storage options and they started selling...fast!

Within a few months, I launched my own website and expanded into a large den in my house, fully transforming it into a studio. To my surprise, it seemed many other planners loved my style and the shop community grew to over 2,000 on Facebook and almost 5,000 on Instagram. Since 2018, we have released two custom anniversary boxes which have sold out and I also get lots of requests for custom made pieces. 

Not new to running a business, I spent over fifteen years running retail and specialty retail businesses. My favorite was managing a large chain bookstore (I love books!). Around that time I opened a photography business too. Later, drawing on my earlier art education, I became a mixed media artist which easily translated to my creative planning style.

Growing up, my grandmother was an artist. She could draw anything and her oil paintings were lovely people and beautiful landscapes. I loved spending time at her house and we would watch Bob Ross on PBS together and work on projects. She inspired so much of my personal style which I would describe as vintage-elegant. I am really drawn to the 20's, 30's, and 40's as a style reference (you might recognize that in my work.) 

My grandmother is also the inspiration for my shop name: The Amber Locket. When searching for a shop name, I wanted to honor her. So the first thing that came to mind was a beautiful amber-colored locket, popular in my grandmother's time as a precious object to hold someone's dearest pictures or memories. The name seemed fitting because I pour my heart and soul into all my work and I want the person who buys my work to feel it is special for them.

While I'm originally from Texas, I'm currently living in small Alabama town with my husband and unruly cat. My husband is clergy so we spend a lot of time involved in our church too. Outside of that, I love to watch movies, read, and play Animal Crossing when I get spare time. But most of all, I love creating and this business allows me to do that. Not many people get to do what they love and I think of that often. It took me almost 20 years to be able to finally do what I feel called to. And I could not be more grateful and thankful for everyone who helps support my dream.